Transitioning Veterans From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

Our core competencies center around pre-vetting candidates for open private sector positions supported by psychoanalytic testing.  Specific vetting methods include skill set analytics, behavioral testing related to career pathing, in depth one-to-one interviewing, and cultural workplace engagement analysis to aid in placing the Veteran with the right organization – in the best fit job.

Strategy & Planning

What makes an employer a top Veteran employer? There is not a specific set of success metrics. Every Veteran (commissioned officer or enlisted) requires skill matching and personality fit with an employer. If the employer is void of resources to properly vet the Veteran, the return-on-investment (hire) could be at risk.

Assessment & Pre-vetting

We use the Profile XT (PXT) Behavioral Assessment Tool in our pre-vetting process. The Profile XT (PXT) is designed to facilitate achieving the best possible fit for positions in the working world where the characteristics measured can be used to help predict job performance.

The Profile XT (PXT) is a psychometric instrument whose roots extend over the last 25 years.

The Profile XT (PXT) Tool will allow T.I.R. to investigate three areas as a part of evaluating how some individuals fit into a particular job. By reviewing broad areas of Behavioral Traits, Interests, and Thinking Style, we expand our ability to discover which areas will be most effective in determining job fit for a given position. By attending to each of the three areas, we enhance the opportunity to identify the factors that will lead to the best job fit, for the Veteran and employer.

Delivering the Best Recruits

We deliver pre-vetted Veterans – matching capabilities and functions that will match customers needs, and grow ROI for both the customer and the Veteran.

Our pre-vetting process makes it easier to quickly identify individuals who will fit well into available positions, and what, if any, adjustments they may need to make in order to perform at the highest level.

We provide an overview of a qualified recruit’s unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Assist with selecting areas that match the candidates thinking style, personality traits, and interests. We identify career possibilities and provide insights into occupations for the highly-skilled, competitive workforce. We assist in transitioning from one career to another. We introduce a mechanism for individuals to learn about their abilities and validate their career choices. We also support on-boarding with coaching techniques for the hiring company.

Employees who are well matched to their position have higher attendance records, less turnover, higher job satisfaction, and superior job performance. Both the employee and the employer share the benefits of enhanced job matching and the company is better prepared for on-boarding these talented new hires.


“T.I.R. understands the Veteran transition better than anyone.”

Master Sergeant Scott Thomas, United States Air Force (retired)

“T.I.R. does an exceptional job in advising my team on Veteran outreach strategies.”

Jay Millard, President, Millard Advisory

Partnership Alliances

We maintain strategic affiliations with a wide array of companies to maximize results for our clients.

Delivering Top Military Veteran Talent

Let us help you recruit pre-vetted qualified veterans so that you can concentrate on growing your business.